Logan Zachary    Erotica Writer

Biography and Bibliography

  1. “Giovanni” for Greg Herren’s Rough Trade

  2. “Constructional VooDoo” for Neil S. Plakcy’s Hard Hats

  3. “Studs in the Woods” for Eric Summers’ Ride Me Cowboy

  4. “The Colony” for Christopher Pierce’s Taken by Force

  5. “Frat-napped” for Christopher Pierce’s Taken by Force

  6. “Texted, Tempted, Teased, and Taped” for Mickey Erlach’s Boys Caught in the Act

  7. “Part of the Service” for Eric Summers’ Service with a Smile

  8. “Giovanni” for James Lear’s Best Gay Erotica 2009

  9. “Pool Therapy” for Neil S. Plakcy’s Surfer Boys

10. “Oh Captain, My Captain” for Christopher Pierce’s Time Travel Sex

11. “Class Reunion” for Christopher Pierce’s Time Travel Sex

12. “Rear Ended” for Paul Florez’s Ultimate Gay Erotica for 2009

13. “Corner Office” for Christopher Trevor’s Obsessions

14. “Forget Me Not” for Eric Summers Unmasked II

15. “Screwooged” for Eric Summers Unwrapped

16. “Strugis Biker Bang” for Christopher Pierce’s Biker Boys

17. “Corner Office” for Mickey Erlach’s Boys Getting Ahead

18. “Frat-Napped” for Shane Allison’s College Boys

19. “Off Course” for James Rassmussen’s Queer Dimensions

20. “Lumber Jack Off” for Eric Summers’ Teammates

21. “WereBear” for Christopher Pierce’s Man at Noon, Monster at Midnight

22. “Club Bunns” for Shane Allison’s Homo Thugs

23. “Blondie’s Locks and the Three Bears” for Shane Allison’s Big Tools

24. “Santa’s Big Package” for Eric Summers’ Big Holiday Packages

25. “Boarder Boyz” for Neil Plakcy’s Skater Boys

26. “Under Surveillance” for Mickey Erlach’s Video Boys

27. “Black Bayou Fire” for Shane Allison’s Black Fire

28. “Daddy’s Deer Camp” for Eric Summers’ Who’s Your Daddy?

29. “Public Displays of Affection” for Mickey Erlach’s Gym Buddies and Buff Bodies

30. “Lube Job” for Marcus Anthony’s The Sweeter the Berry

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